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Why Codebrite

Codebrite is a clever school holiday programme to develop coding skills, running again April 26 and 27 2016.

Designed for wanna-be developers aged 9 to 16, with no previous experience with programming, this Codebrite series encourages creative, fun, collective learning in a day long workshop running 9am till 3.30pm*

Developed and facilitated by David Thornycroft, Gamefroot the day-long workshop is designed to take participants through the process of making a video game from start to finish, using the Gamefroot Platform.

Through learning the principles of game coding, using the Script Editor and some core coding concepts, participants will move on to create their own games driven by scripts.

The Gamefroot Resources are designed around the New Zealand curriculum and NCEA Units and can be used to get credits that can go towards participants education.

*pack snacks, lunch and a drink there will be regular breaks to feed the brain!

How it works

Codebrite is lucky to secure Game Maker workshops with Gamefroot this coming holiday!

A first in Tauranga, the Gamefroot workshops are an effective first step into the complex digital world by making it accessible and engaging.

Participants will activate their creative, collaborative and problem solving skills by:

  • coding their own game from go to WOW in a web-based environment
  • creating games with context that expand their knowledge across most curriculum subjects.
  • getting excited about learning through game development

You can bring your Laptop or use one of the PCs provided.

Gamefroot is web based and works best with Chrome, so your laptop must be able to connect to the Wifi and install Chrome as the web browser.

Gamefroot is different to Scratch in many ways. To name just a few, unlike Scratch Gamefroot is made in partnership with the Games industry so all the resources we develop are tailored towards supporting young learners work towards a career in that industry.

Additionally you can publish and share your Gamefroot made games outside of Gamefroot and work towards publishing them professionally either in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Who for?

Young people aged 9 to 16 who:

  • want more than just play games
  • want to develop the real skills they need to succeed
  • want to start something they can continue to build on
  • are looking for a constructive outlet to let their creativity and curiosity loose!


Step right up folks!

Book your ticket and give coding a go!


Tuesday 26 April 9am - 3.30pm
Wednesday 27 April 9am - 3.30pm


Avonmore Tertiary Institute
38 Selwyn Street

How much

$79.00 Early bird price for day-long workshop, valid till 19 April
$99.00 Full price for day-long workshop, from 20 April

Contact Details

0800 000 577

148 Durham Street

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